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Welcome to Riverside Resort: Pets on Vacation


~ Cause sometimes they just
need to get away ~


~ Ask YOUR vet about us! ~
~ Vaccines Required ~


   Riverside Resort and our Guest Service Attendants are focused on making sure your accommodations are up to par!

Canine Guests

   Clean and roomy suites with warm floors and soft bedding await your pet when they come for their next vacation. Two-way doors provide quests with free access to their own private outdoor adventure spot too!
   In-floor radiant heating combined with conditioned air exchange ensures a comfortable indoor climate while controlling humidity - essential to providing a comfortable stay.
   Fresh water, fresh air and a whole lot of new friends will make their stay one they won't forget!

Feline Guests

Condos! Condos! Condos!
   Comfortable and roomy with private bathrooms, sleeping quarters and rumpus rooms. Lots of sun and fun in the Feline FUN Room always rounds out the day. Condos are also cleaned daily and litter is always kept fresh so that your cats environment stays clean, healthy and odor-free.

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2 Large and 2 private exercise areas. We only invite up to 8 guests out at a time. Staff entertained at all times"

"Many of our suites are easily comfortable enough for 2 house dogs. They have full access to a private outdoor adventure spot"

"The condos have dividing doors that can be opened up to even larger spaces when occupancy is low"

"Bird watching, sun bathing, and just relaxing is usual the order for the day. All feline guests get private time here"

Riverside Resort Pets on Vacation
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